How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger (It’s Not as Gross as You’d Think!)

You met online and are three dates deep.

One tragic evening, in the middle of an elaborate sushi-making process, your new date turns the conversation to politics. Thinking fast, you break up the tension by excusing yourself to visit the bathroom.

You do your business, pull the knob, and NOTHING happens. Your face flushes as you search unsuccessfully for a plunger.

“You alright in there?” Your date asks.

Caught with your pants down!

But this scenario isn’t cause for panic. Most bathrooms are equipped with all sorts of useful items for how to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

Good Old Wire Hanger Trick

If the bathroom has an adjoining closet, chances are good you can find a wire hanger.

Untwist the hanger till it’s fully extended and use it to prod around the clog. The hanger will break up whatever’s in the way allowing it to flush easily.

Hot Water and Slippery Soap Sloaps

This is an easy trick provided you can find a container for the water.

Put hand soap, laundry detergent, body wash, dish soap, or shampoo directly into the toilet bowl. These substances create slippery surfaces that discourage further clogging.

A cup, bucket, or wastebasket (remove the liner first) works well to transfer hot water from the sink or tub. Once added to the soap-laden toilet, the hot water will loosen the clot while the soap discourages things from re-sticking on their way down the drain.

Pour Some Bleach in the Porcelain Bowl

Bleach is a strong substance that dramatically changes the chemical makeup of any liquid it comes in contact with. Add generous amounts to the water in a clogged toilet.

When it comes to toilet paper and other fibrous material, bleach can be just the thing to soften difficult blocks. It also helps eliminate undesirable odors.

Toilet Brushes Can Help with Flushes

This is a messier option that works well when the above resources are scarce.

Push the head of a toilet brush into the drain hole as far as it will go until the bristles are crunched against the sides. Next, use the toilet brush as a battering ram until the clog is free.

You will want to give the brush a good rinse with the new water that fills the bowl. Chances are good it will take more than one flush to clear all debris from the bristles.

The Last Resort For How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger: Plastic Bag Method

This method may be just as humbling as leaving the scene of the crime to ask your host for help. Consider all options wisely before taking this plunge.

Using a glove or plastic bag as a covering, you can clear the roadblock by hand. Be sure not to flush the bag or glove as this will make the clog much worse. Once a clean flush is achieved, a shower should quickly follow.

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