Slab Leaks Are Dangerous- Here Are the Reasons Why

Slab leaks occur at the bottom of concrete slabs. They are far more dangerous than the leaks occurring at faucet or showerheads because they usually go unnoticed. This is why many people hire professionals to carry out regular leak detection to avoid facing unpleasant consequences later on.

A list of damages caused by slabs leaks is given below:

Health problems

As mentioned earlier, slab leaks stay around for a long time without being detected and encourage mold growth. This would gradually infect the space around you. When you are exposed to mold, it may provoke respiratory issues like coughing, wheezing, asthma etc.

Structural issues

Slab leaks could weaken the very foundation of your home. When the foundation shifts, it could eventually lead cracking and structural collapse. This condition is more common at homes where the foundations were built using concrete slabs. If left ignored, damage to the foundation would become more severe and you will have to pay a lot down the road to remedy it.

Leak manifestations

When water gathers underneath the floor boards of your home, it could cause damage to the flooring and soak carpets. Water leaks would also bring about nasty odors, especially if the damage is in the sewage line. In addition to that, leaks under the yard would damage your pool, landscape, walkways etc.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Thus, if you suspect any leak in your home, contact the experts servicing your area; including Los Angeles & Orange County CA.