Things You Ought To Know About Slab Leaks

Any form of a water leak in your home can become a serious plumbing issue. One of the potential leaks that need immediate attention is the slab leak. Hire a plumber for undergoing slab leak detection in Los Angeles to fix your leakage issue.

Reasons for Slab Leak

There are various causes that may lead to serious slab leak, and it includes

  • Pipe corrosion
  • High water pressure
  • Low-quality pipes
  • Improperly installed of pipe
  • Due to poor construction
  • Wear and tear on the pipes due to friction from other objects

How to Identify the Slab Leak?

Generally, it is difficult for you to identify a slab leak visually. Only the plumbers who undergo slab leak detection in Orange County can identify the leak and the location. Few signs that could help homeowners to suspect that a leak is at the root of the problem include

  • Low water pressure
  • The sound of running water
  • Wet carpets and floors
  • Moistened baseboards
  • Inexplicable mold growth
  • A shifting foundation
  • Increasing water bills

Slab leak detection in Riverside requires expert advice. It is always recommended to work with a reliable and licensed professional since the best course of action may not always be the least expensive.

If you identify any slab leak in your home, you can contact Manny’s Leak Inc. We specialize in slab leak detection in Los Angeles and pipe repairs. We detect leaks in hidden places such as behind your bathroom, between the floors and walls and even under ground or in slabs.