Slab Leak Detection & Repiping – Our Services!

Leak Detection

A plumbing leak on its own can be a costly repair a normal plumber would have to open a wall or dig and continue digging until the leak source is found. This process is not only time consuming but also brings unnecessary additional costs. Manny’s Leak Inc., specializes in slab leak detection and pipe repairs across Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. We detect leaks in hidden places such as behind your bathroom, between the floors and walls and even under ground or in slabs.

Sewer Camera Detection

Our sewer camera inspection is reliable and can guarantee that your drain issues can be detected with pinpoint accuracy. After the video inspection is completed and the cause of the issue is determined one of our professional and experienced plumbing technicians can quickly resolve the issue the correct way giving you peace of mind in a normally stressful situation.


A lot of home owners coming across multiple plumbing leaking issues with their homes because all of the original copper plumbing throughout their properties are surpassing the 50-year life expectancy and corrosion and other degradation issues start to arise. Manny’s Leak Inc. can re-pipe your home with a new set of copper lines or new industry products such PEX lines.


When there is a leak and the costs for renovation is too high Manny’s Leak Inc. can re-route the original line as a faster, more cost effective alternative keeping property damage to a minimum.

General Plumbing

Manny’s Leak Inc. specializes in general plumbing services from drains to sewage and gas lines. We also install water heaters and tank-less systems. We can handle all of your plumbing needs!